Song Series #3: Little Beggar Man




Viola and voice: Jen Hinst-White.
Coos and grunts:
Milo Hinst, one month old.

I first learned “Little Beggar Man” at age 18, from a Clancy Brothers cassette that I rewound and rewound on the drive from New York to Bennington, Vermont.

I loved it because it was fast and rattling with life; and in learning to sing it, I discovered I had an odd knack for memorizing long strings of words. This seemed a sort of useless ability until I discovered that memorizing poetry (including sacred poetry, like the Psalms) allowed it to settle deep into my muscle and blood and, with time, to alter me.

“Little Beggar Man” is good for live performing, with all its rowdy energy, but in the past few years it’s become special to me for other reasons–soul reasons.

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Why You Should Go to the Toy Store This Week

A special post for my Long Island friends.

UPDATE: Holy Cannoli, it actually worked. The lovely toy store Lainie’s Way, with the help of the community, managed to raise more than $90,000 in a matter of a few weeks and avoided closing its doors. Woohoo for crowdsourcing and good souls who support local gems like this one.



Lainie Litovsky of Lainie’s Way toy store in Port Jefferson, NY.

If I told you a rare comet was flaming through the sky tonight, I bet you’d bundle up the kids to go out in the yard and see it.

There’s something really wonderful in Port Jefferson, and if you don’t go to see it this week, you may never see it again.

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