Review Series: My Radio Radio

Each month I review a new book for ImageUpdate. Here’s the latest.

A Radiant Coming-of-Age
My Radio Radio by Jessie van Eerden

They called themselves The Dunlap Fellowship of All Things in Common. They were idealists who meant to replicate the early church described in Acts, doing away not only with private property but even family ties, so that parents were addressed not as Mama and Daddy but by their first names, because “we’re all family according to Jesus.” But now, at the opening of Jessie van Eerden’s hypnotic novel, My Radio Radio, it’s 1986, and the twenty-two founding families have dwindled to one grim, quiet household with just a handful of people—one of whom is twelve-year-old Naomi Ruth (Omi for short). We meet Omi, the novel’s narrator, on one of the most terrifying mornings of her life: She wakes to discover that she’s bleeding, an old man in a hospital bed has appeared in her house, and her brother has been killed in a car wreck.

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