Quirky Sermon: Tattoos, Rant Poems, and Olive Trees

Classic question to tattooed person: What does it mean? I have an olive branch tattooed on my arm. In this installment of Quirky Sermons, I explain why… and delve into the gorgeous ancient poetry of Psalm 52.

This one is for you if

  • You could use a little grounding and centering right now
  • You like tattoos, trees, or all three
  • You’d like to hear a weird story about King David losing his $#!%

Also file under:

  • Things you never knew about Cap’n Crunch
  • Jen cracking up laughing in the middle of a sermon again

Here it is. Skip ahead to 18:00 (past the music/announcements) if you want to get straight to the sermon.

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