Antidotes to Ennui

This week in The Common I reviewed a fabulously weird debut short story collection called Valparaiso, Round the Horn, by Madeline ffitch. And when a book is this rich in playful detail, it’s really challenging to choose just one title for your blog post.


Rejected titles:

Burning Your
Grandfather’s Body

Feral Pigs and You


How to Hunt Down a Story and Yoke its Carcass ‘Round Your Shoulders


Xenoglaux (The Strangest, Cutest Owl)


White Boy Ain’t Got No Soul–Or Does He?


I think you’re better off just reading ffitch’s actual book, which reinvigorated my imagination and made me feel more alive, so let’s just call this Antidotes to Ennui and call it a day.  If you need a little more detail before you buy it, you can read my review here.

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