grunge music & the art of lamentation: a quirky sermon



MIXTAPE: ’90s Grunge

Video is here–skip ahead to 18:30 if you want to get straight to the sermon. 

Some thoughts about lamentation: the passionate expression of grief. How to listen to it, how to do it, and how it can change the world.

Also: My “Grunge Lyric or Bible Verse?” game; flannel shirts and distortion pedals; tap-dancing bumblebee girls; Terrible, Thanks for Asking; and the marvelous word splagchnizomai! σπλαγχνίζομαι


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My newest Quirky Sermon:
Desire (Under Construction).

Specifically: A approach we might take with our desires, other than knee-jerk chasing or knee-jerk squashing. Our desire as electricity, engine, construction site: a space for encountering God.

Watch it here.

The sermon starts 19 minutes into the video, after the band. 

I had so much fun creating and delivering this one. Laughed a lot, as usual. Among other things, it includes

  • An exercise in which I help you make a map of your desires
  • Four references to tacos
  • Knicks announcer Walt Clyde Frazier
  • Creamy citrus body wash and semi-automatic weapons
  • Two different ideas of manliness

and the two ideas I can never get away from:

  1. Love at the core of all we do, and
  2. God’s wild dreams for the world.

Enjoy, you passionate bunch of sermon-watchers, you.

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Quirky Sermons

Preaching my first sermon at seven months pregnant, 12/1/2013.

Preaching my first sermon at seven months pregnant, 12/1/2013.

I get the pleasure & privilege of giving sermons from time to time, usually from the stage of True North Community Church, a non-denominational Christian church on Long Island. I love it.  I usually crack up laughing in the middle of it. I feel so lucky to do it.

Just so you know: I’ve never gone to seminary; my education consists of a BA and MFA in Writing & Literature. But if you’re curious how a non-religiously-raised writer ended up preaching oddball Christian sermons, see the bottom of this post.

All these videos start with the band, so you’ll have to skip forward a bit to find the sermon…

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