Jen Hinst-White


S  P  R  I  G  H  T  L  Y  &
C  O  M  R  A  D  E  L  Y

• H  E  L  L  O  S •

The newest news:

  • Consequence Magazine will publish my long essay on nuclear weapons, “15 Eggs,” in their 2018 “Women Write About War” issue.
  • And I just delivered a talk about images of God as a Mother (and how to find shalom when something is painfully missing) at True North Community Church. (Want to check out the video? Go here and skip 19 minutes in.)


And if we’re not yet acquainted: Hello! I’m Jen. I write. I speak. I like to be alive. I’ve written a novel about tattooing with spunky illustrations (and I’m looking for a great agent or indie press to bring it into the world). I write essays and stories; I review books for Image Journal (and elsewhere); occasionally I make a little music or deliver an unconventional sermon for those (like me) who waffle between the skeptics and the mystics. Should we talk? Connect on Twitter? Instagram?

Cheers & love, Jen Hinst-White

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