A New Crop of Quirky Sermons

A New Crop of Quirky Sermons

I quit my church job this year. I was the Arts Director at an imperfect-but-wonderful, nondenominational church. My job involved dreaming up crazy creative environments and then bringing them to life.

Over time I realized this was indeed a dream job–but not mine. 

I loved, loved my coworkers. But life gives you only so many hours, and I have this compulsion to write stories. And I like to make music. And I’ve got two small sons who cling to me like caterpillars on a tree.  I am always having theological quarrels with myself. And I have, for better or for worse, incurable wanderlust, and I hate cubicles.

The one thing I loved was writing and delivering these quirky sermons, which our pastor generously calls “unconventional.” I never went to seminary, so nobody ever told me how to deliver a normal one.

Here’s a new crop of them… (see below). Maybe you’ll dig one of ’em. (If you don’t feel like watching all the opening worship, skip forward a bit until you see somebody who looks like this.)jen_hinst-white_preaching

A sermon about being a house AND the ancient practice of confession.

File under: Genetic improbability, sperm, Grandma’s house, exhilarating possibilities, beach houses.
Watch it here. 


A sermon about not taking the Bible out of context AND the dubious practice of calling oneself #blessed.

File under: The Devil’s Own Page-A-Day Calendar, psychiatric units, bacon, BMWs and Beatitudes.


A sermon about what happens when your marriage is dead AND a humble idea about where to go from there.

File under: Tennessee, Pop-pop is a Samurai, the third way,
sermons that terrified me to deliver because who the %$& am I to talk about your marriage?
Watch it here. (SCROLL DOWN TO PART 5)


A sermon about the fascinating literary form of parables AND how to let go of things that don’t fit.

File under: Puerto Rican rainforest, scratch-off lottery tickets, alternate dimensions, animal carcasses, funny adjectives for wine.
Watch it here.  

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