atomic bombs and indie theater.

atomic bombs and indie theater.


I’ve been invited to do something in New York City that I have no business doing. And if you are stirred by the lives of veterans, the complications of war—or just writing and theater, honestly—I’d love for you to be present.

Once upon a time, I knew a woman who survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb. This year, I finally wrote about her—along with an uncanny series of events involving my life and nuclear weapons.

Now CONSEQUENCE Magazine is publishing that essay, and I’ve been invited to read from it before the performance of a brand-new play called OUTSIDE PADUCAH (by the writer/veteran/performer J.A. Moad) about the toll of war on veterans and their families.

Tickets are $25… you can get yours here!

I’m reading ONLY at the SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2:00 pm performance.

The reason I said I have no business doing this (but feel deeply privileged to be included): This reading series is called Veterans Voices. The playwright, J.A. Moad, initiated an effort to designate the month of October as Veterans Voices Month—a time to listen to the stories of veterans and the true costs and repercussions of war. Please take a moment to read his compelling essay about where the idea came from and why it’s so important.

I am not a veteran. My life contains no experience akin to what the other readers have been through in their service to our country. I was included (I think) because my essay addresses the trauma of a war survivor, as my fellow readers in the series are war survivors. It’s a privilege to read in their company. So if you can’t come to the Oct. 7 performance, I really hope you’ll go to another one, because the readers are stellar.

And yes, after a week of violence, with the horror in Las Vegas… I’m aware this does not sound like the cheeriest outing. But maybe this is exactly the sort of thing we need this week: a living reminder that we have many available responses to violence and destruction—including the act of creation.

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