The Newest News

The Newest News

Plot twist: I’m seeking new representation for my novel, Electric Inklings. My wonderful agent was offered another position in publishing… just as we were about to send the novel out on submission. So if you are (or know) a literary agent who might be interested in a feisty coming-of-age novel about young woman striving to become a tattoo artist in the 1980s (when women were rare in the field), I’d love to talk. The synopsis is here.

In other news:

Consequence Magazine has just published my review of Alice Mattison’s new novel Conscience. Earlier this year, they published my essay “15 Eggs,” about nuclear weapons, parenting, and the girl who lived through Hiroshima. It’s in their 10th anniversary print issue; check it out here.

My essay “How to Survive the Apocalypse” was recently published in Image Journal. 

I was invited to do some readings recently in NYC (Bailout Theater) and Rochester, NY (the Always Be Closing series), which inspired some musings about play.




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